Hans Ninchritz


Born 23-09-1977 in New Jersey (USA) but nowadays living in Amsterdam started his career 2 decades ago as Clive King and grew out to be a well respected artist in the European harddance scene, he is considered one of the early adapters of the Hardstyle sound in Europe.

In the year 2000 his career took off due the succes of his mix album Hardhouse Explosion. In 2001 he became the A&R Manager for Media Records Benelux and was responsible together with Ed Real for the succes of Nukleuz Black. The first release Total Confusion immediately became a big succes and hits the charts al over the world.

From that moment his name as a producer was set and in the following years he released his music on the biggest labels in the scene, Scantraxx, Seismic and StraightOn Recordings.

But now after 2 decades in the harddance scene, he is ready for a new goal, a new musical adventure and despite the Covid-19 pandemic he started a new career as a DJ/Producer in the techno scene under his real name Hans Ninchritz. Straight away Autektone and  BlackHole Recordings started to release his tracks and got supported by several big dj names in de techno scene.

Now he made the choice to leave the harddance scene to focus on his new techno career. This also resulted in starting his new techno label Tchn.Records.

With this new label he wants to build a platform with next level music and next level artists to entertain music lovers around the world.

Timeless, Collective, Harmonic, Nation.